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Periodically we publish news and articles about our company, work, technologies and business. Find here below all relevant updates in chronological order. For interviews please Contact Us.

2019 → PRESENT

J CUBE moves to new office premises

17 Jun 2019

On its 6th anniversary, following an on-going company & team expansion, J CUBE Inc. announces it has relocated to new office premises at the iconic Sangyo Boeki Center Building ("Sanbo"), in Yamashita-cho Yokohama, right on the waterfront of the Yokohama old port. J CUBE continues hiring highly-skilled technical personnel, with several open job positions at its new head office — Contact us to join our team.


J CUBE Previews Lightfront at X-PRIZE Team Summit in Geneva

27 May 2019

J CUBE previewed Lightfront, its high-bandwidth low-latency streaming system, at the XPRIZE Avatar Team Summit held in conjunction with the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. Lightfront was used to successfully stream a 4K @ 60 FPS stable bidirectional stream between Geneva and Yokohama with a latency of 120ms using a bandwidth of 50Mbps. It was presented to the audience of the XPRIZE competition team, the XPRIZE operations team, and the other competition partners along with the XPRIZE Avatar official sponsor, ANA.


ANA and J CUBE collaborate on Lightfront

07 Jan 2019

ANA HD — All Nippon Airways Holdings — and J CUBE Inc have been exchanging ideas and working on a joint research project since June 2018. Together, we have formed a strategic partnership to advance the ANA Avatar, ANA Avatar X and ANA Avatar XPRIZE projects. J CUBE is currently developing the novel Lightfront core technology, a secure, generalized, bi-directional ultra low latency live data streaming framework designed for hardware and cloud applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). Detailed information on Lightfront will be released in mid 2019. As a result, J CUBE is opening multiple job positions at its head office in Yokohama, Japan.


Foundry and J Cube New Technology Agreement

18 Dec 2018

Foundry and J CUBE Inc. are pleased to announce that they have agreed on the transfer of specific technologies. The arrangement advances the technologies of both, and the common desire to deliver tools which provide the best possible user experience. J CUBE Inc. retains property and rights on the Multiverse suite of tools and continues to develop and sell the Multiverse suite of tools and other products independently of Foundry.


J CUBE introduces Multiverse | AR

16 Nov 2018

J Cube Inc. just added to Multiverse the ability to output assets as USDZ files for Augmented Reality (AR) purposes. This allows for previews out of the box in Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave (Quick Look) and iOS 12 with full support for geometry and textures using the Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) workflow. Check it out at


J CUBE at SIGGRAPH 2018 Vancouver

11 Aug 2018

J CUBE Inc, Illumination Research and Jadason Technology introduce at SIGGRAPH 2018 the groundbreaking 3DelightNSI Cloud rendering system. Demonstration will be carried at the Amazon Web Services booth on the AWS Cloud Rendering Partners station, every day between 9.30am to 10.30am. Come and see the future of rendering. J CUBE also announces that Mr. Kenneth Sung from Jadason Technologies Hong Kong has been appointed as executive director.


Illumination Research and J CUBE Open Source HydraNSI

15 Jul 2018

On behalf of Illumination Research, J CUBE Inc announces it has authored and released as Open Source HydraNSI. Production-quality preview rendering of USD assets, in the Hydra imaging framework, is an appealing idea that allows for a centralized and standardized rendering application. Our Open Source initiative, implements a Hydra plug-in that converts USD to NSI commands. This allows production studios to use 3DelightNSI as a rendering back-end with its rich feature and extensible platform.


J CUBE releases Multiverse V5

24 Apr 2018

J CUBE is announces the immediate release of Multiverse V5. Our 5th major version fo the software, allows users to manage 3D complexity with efficient scene assembly, powerful set dressing, look-development and inter-ops with DCC apps. As usual expect lighting fast read/write/playback, memory efficiency, and ease of use. We also introduce new convenient subscription and Indie pricing schemes so that Multiverse is now accessible to a much wider audience. Read more on


J CUBE moves to Yokohama

01 Nov 2017

J CUBE moves its headquarters to a new office in the beautiful city of Yokohama, Japan. Just about 30 minutes train ride from Shibuya, Yokohama itself is the hub of cross-cultural experience, foreign culture and open thinking, since Japan opened up to the rest of the world in 1868.


3Delight NSI rendering in Maya VP2

01 Oct 2017

J CUBE delivers to Illumination Research a framework to perfrom interactive rendering in Autodesk® Maya® Viewport 2.0 (VP2). Leveraging on the novel NSI API this work allows the 3Delight NSI renderer to quickly render and update any aspect of the scene interactively inside Maya, with great benefits for all artists and users in the tasks of look development and lighting.


J CUBE publishes Maneki PSR presentation

13 Jun 2017

J CUBE Inc. publishes a recorded keynote presentation about Maneki and "Photo Surreal Rendering" (PSR) available on our research page. Maneki is a core rendering technology created by J CUBE which used for the first time on the next generation Anime movie BLAME!, released in the theaters in Japan on 20/05/2017 and concurrently on Netflix worldwide.


J CUBE releases Multiverses V4

13 Jun 2017

J CUBE announces the release the 4th major version of Multiverse. We introduce a new unified reading & writing architecture based on our proprietary technologoies. Hyperspace API natively wraps the venn-intersection of Alembic and USD features, while USDTalk guarantees it runs on arbitrary platforms. Other key features are sample interpolation in Maya VP2, during procedural rendering in 3Delight and Arnold and re-timing controls.


J CUBE open sources MaterialXS

25 Apr 2017

MaterialXS is an "eXtra Small" Python implementation of MaterialX released by J Cube Inc. as Open Source on GitHub under the permissive Apache 2.0 License. MaterialXS is specifically designed to ease the transfer of materials (full shading networks) and look–development between DCC Applications.


Milliways: technical memo published

08 Dec 2016

J CUBE announces the publication of the Milliways technical memo along with its release as a Open Source project under the very permissive Apache 2.0 license. Milliways, the storage at the back-end of the Multiverse, is used as the backbone of the Multiverse Git back-end. To know more, read the technical memo on our Research page.


Multiverse & Maneki at CG Event in Moscow

03 Dec 2016

Paolo Berto Durante of J CUBE Inc. presents Multiverse and Maneki at the biggest CG Event Moscow 2016, the leading CGI convention in Russia with over 2000 registered attendees. This is the 10th anniversary of the event. Have a look at the talk description on the CG Event Website.


Multiverse used on Marvel's Doctor Strange

28 Nov 2016

J CUBE is proud to announce that Multiverse was fundamental to handle the extreme visual complexity in Marvel's Doctor Strange. Luma Pictures, an early adopter of the Multiverse technology, released some information in the coverage article published by FXGuide.


Multiverse adds Pixar USD support vis Hyperspace and USDTalk

28 Nov 2016

J CUBE previews a new version of Multiverse V4 featuring support for writing and reading Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) on all Maya versions and architectures. This is rendered possible by leveraging on J CUBE's Hypersace and USDTalk technologies that respectively allow to handle the venn-intersection of functionalities of Alembic and USD at once, and allow to implement USD on arbitrary applications, regardless of architecture and compiler restrictions.


Introducing Maneki for Maya

12 Aug 2016

J CUBE announces the release of Maneki, a fast, consistent, all-in-one Anime (アニメ) solution designed for efficient look-development, lighting and rendering of next-generation high-quality HD/4K toon content in Autodesk Maya. Maneki licenses the 3Delight rendering engine and is the core technology for the upcoming BLAME! Netflix/cinema movie in 2017. Maneki was also used on other productions, such as the Disney Tsum Tsum series and Marvel Tsum Tsum series.


J Cube releases Multiverse V3

25 Jul 2016

J CUBE announces the immediate release of Multiverse V3. This release introduces a new technology called Packed Geometry. This new design allows for managing into Maya and its Viewport 2.0 much larger amount of data, in a tighter memory footprint and at higher frame rates. This feature was developed to handle the large complexity in the upcoming Marvel's Doctor Strange movie.


BLAME! entirely done with Maneki and 3Delight

24 Jul 2016

J CUBE announces that the upcoming movie adaptation of BLAME! is made entirely with its proprietary and upcoming Maneki look-developemnt & lighting technology which uses 3Delight for rendering. BLAME! will be released in October 2017 both at the cinemas in Japan and as a Netflix Original. Check out the BLAME! Trailer.


The Shallows to use Multiverse

21 Jul 2016

J CUBE is proud to announce that its software Multiverse is being used for the whole Houdini to Maya data exchange FX pipeline in the movie "The Shallows" featuring very large water and particle simulations. Soho VFX from Toronto, Canada, was the company taking care of delivering the shots and is the first adopter of the Multiverse technology. 3Delight was used for all rendering.


Adding Autodesk Anold support in Multiverse

07 Jan 2016

J CUBE expands the rendering back-end of Multiverse by adding support for the widely available Autodesk Arnold offline renderer in addition to the already supported 3Delight offline renderer by Illumination Research. All Multiverse data is procedurally rendered, including polygon meshes, subdivision surfaces, points, particles and curves, hair, fur.


Multi-Masks tech memo, implemented in 3Delight

08 Dec 2015

J CUBE announce the publication of Multi-Masks for Production Rendering as a technical memo. The Multi-Masks technology has been implemented in 3Delight for Maya and allows for arbitray output of Masks using set-based logic in Maya. You can read the technical memo on our Research page.


Public Release of Multiverse for Maya

04 Nov 2015

Following the Multiverse annaouncement, J CUBE announces the immediate release of Multiverse for Maya (aka Multiverse V2), a complete, procedurally accessible Alembic pipeline solution for Autodesk Maya and 3Delight distributed as a time-limited demo version as well as under a commercial license scheme. Multiverse is powered by the omonym next generation data storage back-end to the widely used Alembic file format, whose benefits are now readily available in Maya. A new website is also available for this product, read more about it at


Space-Time color palettes at SIGGRAPH Asia Kobe

03 Nov 2015

J CUBE is proud to announce the publication of the Space-time Color Palette at SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 in Kobe, Japan. This technology allows for efficent usage of color palette data in traditional Japanese CG pipelines for Anime/Toon projects. You can read the poster on our Research page.


Multiverse published at SIGGRAPH Asia Kobe

02 Nov 2015

J CUBE is proud to announce the publication of Multiverse at SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 in Kobe, Japan. You can read the poster on our Research page. J CUBE already released the Multiverse Alembic back-end technology as Open Source on GitHub under the very permissive Apache 2.0 License.


Multiverse released as Open Source

22 Jul 2015

J CUBE announces the immediate release of the Multiverse back-end for the widely used Alembic 3D interchange file format. Multiverse is a next generation data storage back-end for Alembic powered by Git. This new exciting technology is made available as Open Source on GitHub under the very permissive Apache License 2.0.


Establishment of J CUBE Inc.

17 Jun 2013

Announcing the establishment of a new company, J CUBE Inc, in Japan. Paolo Berto Durante, representative partner of Jupiter Jazz Limited Hong Kong, will be building and leading a research & development team to improve the current technologies for 3D CGI VFX and potentially other fields. The J CUBE logo is designed by Paolo Berto Durante.