05 Feb 2023

Announcing Multiverse v8.0

J Cube Inc to release Multiverse 8, a groundbreaking evolution of its industry leading USD-powered solution for Maya®. This new version extends support of streaming and procedural rendering to the STEP, IGES, IFC, OBJ and STL file-formats. Another major new feature are "USDZ Material Packages", self-contained material & texture difinitions authorable in Maya or available from third parties such as AmbientCG. A new "Pro Cloud" license is now availble to address the remote work transformation in the industry. On top of this, many other freatures and updates such as a new data importing options in the asset reader, rendering support for 3DelightNSI 2.9, Arnold 7.2, VRay 6 and Redshift 3.5, a new Asset Resolver to work with the Prisms pipeline, updates to USD to 22.11 and so much more. Check out the full release notes for all details. Enter the Multiverse →


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28 Jan 2023

3Delight Online Purchase

J Cube Inc now provides the ability to purchase 3DelightNSI directly from the web. It is possible to choose to purchase a monthly or anual subscription and to configure the amount of licenses needed. 3DelightNSI is a refreshingly easy to use, and incredibly fast, production distributed path-tracing rendering engine powered by AMD, Intel, and AWS Cloud. It's been recognized as the fastest CPU renderer in the market and is being increasingly used in high profile production worldwide. Look no forther and get your license. Discover more about 3DelightNSI.


12 Sep 2022

Introducing WeRender

J Cube Inc announces its most ambitious product, developed for nearly two years in stealth mode, and is the culmination of decades of combined experience in the field. A product, we believe, will change how internet services will request, process, and consume graphic-related data in the projected future of the metaverse. We are proud to introduce WeRender — scalable web services for rendering and data processing, where all storage & compute happens on the cloud. WeRender allows everyone to programmatically describe, store, and compute synthetic datasets, to automate requests of rendering and other 3D/2D processing tasks, and to communicate and share with other internet services. All with an easy to use multi-language API in PYTHON, C#, JAVASCRIPT, and REST. It is designed for all developers, regardless of expertise in graphics. It works from any connected device, and without the need for powerful hardware, complex software nor its licenses. Render effective images at cents on the dollar just with your API of choice, a text editor and a terminal. The service is now open to selected beta accounts, register at https://werender.io


29 Jun 2022

Multiverse | USD v7.1

J Cube Inc releases yet another major version of its industry leading USD solution for Maya®, rendering & interchange with other DCC apps, Multiverse | USD 7.1, with both the FREE and PRO version available immediately. On top of the all new v7.0, this new release brings the Hierarchy Importer with "live connection" (able to handle also USD instances & point instancers), OpenPype intergation, Prism integration, USDZ rendering in the HydraVP2 Viewport and in 3DelightNSI, Composition Writing of layers as USD SubLayers, Asset Writing of Maya instances as USD Inherits, Maya® 2023 with Python 3.9 on all platforms, Arnold 7.1+ & MtoA 5.1+, VRay 5.20.23+, support for multiple Redshift versions (3.0.67+ and 3.5.03+ currently), and many other features, improvements, bug-fixes, documentation and web updates. There is also a reduced pricing for single seats and ability to buy arbitrary number of licenses from the webiste. Check out the full release notes for all details. Enter the Multiverse →


22 Mar 2022

Multiverse | USD v7.0

J Cube Inc announces the next major version of its industry leading USD solution for Maya®, rendering & interchange with other DCC apps; Multiverse | USD 7. Featuring a new Hydra-VP2 viewport for high performance draw with many-compounds, seamless Maya® selection and interaction, strategic draw modes that allow to work with impossibly large scenes, rich shading & lighting effects; new ability to write shading networks to USD as assets and overrides for both DCC-interchange and procedural rendering; a faster MEOW panel with better performance, persistence, multi-tabs, prim count; a new de-instancing ability; Maya® 2022 with Python 2 & 3 support, updated USD 21.11 libraries, Asset Resolver 2.0 and tons of other smaller features, improvements & bug-fixes. Check out the full release notes for all details. We also like to thank our users for an ever increasing industry adoption with over 20M API calls in 2021 requesting the Multiverse Free version. Read More →

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