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17 Jun 2019

J CUBE moves to new office premises

On its 6th anniversary, following an on-going company & team expansion, J CUBE Inc. announces it has relocated to new office premises at the iconic Sangyo Boeki Center Building ("Sanbo"), in Yamashita-cho Yokohama, right on the waterfront of the Yokohama old port. J CUBE continues hiring highly-skilled technical personnel, with several open job positions at its new head office — Contact us to join our team.


We design, research and develop SaaS for 3D CGI / VFX / Anime, and cloud-based solutions for the IoT. We are based in Yokohama Japan, with representatives in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada, Germany and Italy. Our focus is on cloud infrastructure, streaming, rendering, computer vision, AI, ML, AR, VRRead more about us.


27 May 2019

J CUBE Previews Lightfront at X-PRIZE Team Summit in Geneva

J CUBE previewed Lightfront, its high-bandwidth low-latency streaming system, at the XPRIZE Avatar Team Summit held in conjunction with the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. Lightfront was used to successfully stream a 4K @ 60 FPS stable bidirectional stream between Geneva and Yokohama with a latency of 120ms using a bandwidth of 50Mbps. It was presented to the audience of the XPRIZE competition team, the XPRIZE operations team, and the other competition partners along with the XPRIZE Avatar official sponsor, ANA.


07 Jan 2019

ANA and J CUBE collaborate on Lightfront

ANA HD — All Nippon Airways Holdings — and J CUBE Inc have been exchanging ideas and working on a joint research project since June 2018. Together, we have formed a strategic partnership to advance the ANA Avatar, ANA Avatar X and ANA Avatar XPRIZE projects. J CUBE is currently developing the novel Lightfront core technology, a secure, generalized, bi-directional ultra low latency live data streaming framework designed for hardware and cloud applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). Detailed information on Lightfront will be released in mid 2019. As a result, J CUBE is opening multiple job positions at its head office in Yokohama, Japan.


18 Dec 2018

Foundry and J Cube New Technology Agreement

Foundry and J CUBE Inc. are pleased to announce that they have agreed on the transfer of specific technologies. The arrangement advances the technologies of both, and the common desire to deliver tools which provide the best possible user experience. J CUBE Inc. retains property and rights on the Multiverse suite of tools and continues to develop and sell the Multiverse suite of tools and other products independently of Foundry.


16 Nov 2018

J CUBE introduces Multiverse | AR

J Cube Inc. just added to Multiverse the ability to output assets as USDZ files for Augmented Reality (AR) purposes. This allows for previews out of the box in Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave (Quick Look) and iOS 12 with full support for geometry and textures using the Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) workflow. Check it out at

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