Muse Alpha

Introducing Muse: the Multiverse Usd Standalone Editor

Muse is a novel, OS-native, independent 3D software application that allows anyone to non-destructively edit and interactively visualize and playback USD files without the need for a DCC application. It provides fast multi editing of USD attributes along with easy authoring of USD references and layers, and allows to write your edits as USD overrides and compositions.

Musealpha is currently available as a preview-only to Multiverse customers. We are crowd-funding Muse into an independent product via Kickstarter and looking for your support!


O/S Win, Linux, macOS
Web App Planned
Native iPad App Planned

Supported Renderers

Interactive Hydra Storm
Path Tracing Hydra NSI (planned)
Cloud Rendering Planned

USD DCC Interoperability

Houdini (via Solaris) 18+
Vicon Shogun 1.3+
Blender 2.82+
Clarisse 5.0+
Katana (via plug-in) 3.5+
Unreal (via plug-in) 4.24+
Unity (via plug-in) 2019.3+
Nuke 12.2+
3dsmax 2022

Relevant Library Versions


Current Features

At the present time, version alpha 2, you can do the following in Muse:

  • Read any USD files: .usd .usdz. .usda .usdc
  • Read Alembic files (as USD data): .abc (Ogawa backend only)
  • Interactive 3D visualization in Hydra Storm
  • Interactive playback animation
  • Select USD prims in the viewport
  • Search prims in the USD stage
  • Multi-editing of USD attributes
  • Add references to other USD files on new primitives
  • Add layers to the USD stage
  • Add new USD attributes to any primitive
  • Write USD overrides
  • Write USD compositions with overrides
  • Write USD compositions with references
  • Write USD compositions with layers

Upcoming Features

When the Muse crowd sourcing campaign on Kickstarter will launch you will find all the information on what's next for Muse releases!

Muse & Multiverse

Muse is built on the Multiverse technology, since 2015, Multiverse is being used worldwide by an increasing number of customers working on high-profile content such as Hollywood feature film productions, Original TV Series by Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, elaborate TV commercials and much more:

Some of our clients' outstanding work created using Multiverse over the past years: