# Compatibility

Multiverse is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya which allows to write, read, view and render USD files within Maya. You can also freely inter-operate with other DCC Apps.

DCC Apps Supported Versions O/S
Multiverse for Maya 2018, 2019, 2020 Win / Linux / macOS
I/O with SideFX Houdini 17+ (abc), 18+ (usd) Win / Linux / macOS
I/O with Vicon Shogun 1.3+ Win / Linux / macOS
I/O with Blender 2.82+ Win / Linux / macOS
I/O with Foundry Katana 3.5+ (via plugin) Win / Linux
I/O with Unreal Engine 4.24+ (via plugin) Win / Linux / macOS
I/O with Unity3D 2019.3+ (via plugin) Win / Linux / macOS

# Rendering

Multiverse support all major production rendering engines both when working from a Maya context (Maya interactive and Maya batch) and when rendering from the command line using each renderer's respective command line executable.

Rendering with Supported Versions O/S
Arnold (MtoA- (MtoA-3.2.0+) (MtoA-3.3.0+) (MtoA-4.0.1+)
Win / Linux / macOS
3DelightNSI 1.7.0+, 2.0+ Win / Linux / macOS
3DelightNSI Cloud All versions Win / Linux / macOS
Renderman 23.2+ Win / Linux / macOS
VRay 4.30.01+, 5.00.20+ Win / Linux / macOS
Redshift 3.0.22+ Win / Linux

# Python

Maya Version Python Versions O/S
2018 mayapy (Python 2.7) Win / Linux / macOS
2019 mayapy (Python 2.7) Win / Linux / macOS
2020 mayapy (Python 2.7) Win / Linux / macOS
2021.X mayapy (Python 2.7 or Python 3.0) Win / Linux / macOS

Multiverse for Maya 2018, 2019 and 2020 is compiled and uses the Maya Python (mayapy) of each respective version, and is therefore compatible with Python 2.7.

A version with Python 3.0 compatibility is planned for when Maya will support Python 3.0 in a reliable way: this is scheduled by Autodesk for the 2021 cycle but it will probably take few Maya updates to reach true production stability.

# Libraries

Multiverse natively uses the USD libraries and ships with a fully working USD distribution that is completely self-contained: this means you do not need to compile your own set of USD libraries.

If you have other tools using your own USD libraries, please note that Multiverse is designed so it can co-exist with other versions of USD libraries without producing any conflicts. If you have your own USD plug-ins, have a look at the development documentation or contact support@j-cube.jp for more information.


Note that Alembic is read through a USD plugin, so it is effectively handled as real USD data. This means that even if you feed Multiverse with Alembic files, you are already using USD "under the hood".

Relevant Libraries Supported Versions
USD 19.11 (up to v6.3.1)
20.05 (as of v6.4.0)
20.08 (as of v6.5.0)
dev (upon customer demand)
Alembic 1.7.1 (up to v6.3.1)
1.7.10 (as of v6.4.0)
Last Updated: 10/2/2020, 6:49:38 PM