# Remote Desktop

# Drawing API unsupported on Windows (prior to Multiverse 7)

Read the Windows Installation notes.

# Can't load the plug-in from PC

Most likely you need to tell your firewall to allow the Maya application to access the internet: check your personal firewall settings.

# Can't load plug-in from within company network

Most likely your studio network uses a http/https proxy: you must make sure to allow Maya to talk with the proxy so it can communicate with our servers and checkout your license.

  • On Windows this is done by setting environment two variables, we recommend you to ask your studio Windows system admin:

    SET http_proxy = <your windows domain user name and password>
    SET https_proxy = <your windows domain user name and password>
  • On Linux/macOS contact your system administrator.

# Still can't load the plug-in

Check the Maya output window / script editor and or your terminal for an error and contact support@j-cube.jp in case of need.

# Didn't receive activation mail

Please check the spam folder, the sender is: multiverse-cloud@j-cube.jp. If you still you cannot find it, please contact support.

# Rendering

# Can't render curves/points

Make sure your curves and points either have valid normals, or do not have any normals at all. You can save a .usda file to verify this, if you have degenerated normal vectors such as:

def Xform "curve"
  def BasisCurves "curveShape"
      # ...
      normal3f[] normals = [(0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), ...] (
      interpolation = "vertex" )

You will then not be able to render. So make sure to have valid normals or no normals at all (each renderer knows what to do in each case).

# Arnold procedural warnings

Read the rendering notes about Arnold.

# No shader overrides in Renderman

Read the rendering notes about Renderman.

# Can't render embedded USD shading networks with other renderers than 3Delight NSI

Multiverse 7 Can embed Maya shading networks in USD from any renderer and can render them with 3Delight NSI. Other renderers are not supported for the moment due to a variety of reasons including technical limitations of other renderers.

TDs can use the USDShade schema to read and reconstruct embedded shading networks in other DCCs or in Maya itself and then assign them as Maya material overrides.

Note also that Multiverse offers a callback to have full control on the writing process.

Last Updated: 3/14/2024, 8:32:54 AM