# Remote Desktop

# Drawing API unsupported on Windows

Read the Windows Installation notes.

# Free License


Multiverse | Pro Free version is limited to max 1 free license per network. If 1 Free license is already in use within the same network the Multiverse plugin will not be loaded.

# Can't load the plug-in from PC

Most likely you need to tell your firewall to allow the Maya application to access the internet: check your personal firewall settings.

# Can't load plug-in from within company network

Most likely your studio network uses a http/https proxy: you must make sure to allow Maya to talk with the proxy so it can communicate with our servers and checkout your free license.

  • On Windows this is done by setting environment two variables, we recommend you to ask your studio Windows system admin:

    SET http_proxy = <your windows domain user name and password>
    SET https_proxy = <your windows domain user name and password>
  • On Linux/macOS contact your system administrator.

# Still can't load the plug-in

Check the Maya output window / script editor and or your terminal for an error and contact support@j-cube.jp in case of need.

# Didn't receive activation mail

Please check the spam folder, the sender is: multiverse-cloud@j-cube.jp. If you still you cannot find it, please contact support.

# Rendering

# Can't render curves/points

Make sure your curves and points either have valid normals, or do not have any normals at all. You can save a .usda file to verify this, if you have degenerated normal vectors such as:

def Xform "curve"
  def BasisCurves "curveShape"
      # ...
      normal3f[] normals = [(0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), ...] (
      interpolation = "vertex" )

You will then not be able to render. So make sure to have valid normals or no normals at all (each renderer knows what to do in each case).

# Arnold procedural warnings

Read the rendering notes about Arnold.

# No shader overrides in Renderman

Read the rendering notes about Renderman.

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