# Import USD data as Maya data

Multiverse "reads" USD data into a Multiverse Compound node in Maya: all its data is streamed into the viewport via Hydra, or streamed procedurally to the supported renderers. Reading does not generate any Maya data: when you save a Maya scene no actual geometry will be present for the data in the Compound. This means you cannot, fro example, move the vertices of the data that you see.

It is also possible to "import" USD data into Maya, via MEOW: you can import transforms, meshes and cameras with full support for animation (other data may be added in future versions of Multiverse). An "import" will actually create real Maya data that you can modify, save (it will be present in the Maya scene if so) and you can also potentially write back into USD via the Asset Write.


Importing is also available through the Multiverse Python API:


See the relative API documentation

Th workflow is very simple and easy to understand:

  1. Read a USD asset

  2. In MEOW, go to a supported location (transform, poly mesh shape or camera), RMB and you will see a contextual "import" option at the bottom of the popup menu. Click import.

  3. As a result a Maya object will have been imported into Maya. In outliner you will see a group node named after the Compound from which data has been imported, and inside the actual data (the node name is colored with the typical blue color of a Multiverse Compound to hint that this data actually comes from a Compound).

    If the data was animated, animation will be preserved. You can also look at the node editor to see what's going on under the hood:

  4. You can use/edit/modify this data as you wish.

  5. When desirable you can write "back into USD" the data, simply select the nodes and perform an Asset Write with "Use Imported Prim Paths": you will be able to write it as full data, or as sparse override only and even auto-sync it with its Compound of origin, so it will be nicely layered and active once written. Both static and animated imported data can be written of course.

    When writing imported data the following two options will be un-grayed in the Asset Writer:

    • "Use Imported Prim Paths"
    • "Auto Sync Compound after Writing"

Last Updated: 8/8/2020, 10:14:24 AM