# MEOW: General Use

# Inspecting The Content Of An Asset

Select a mvUsdCompound in the Viewport or in the Maya Outliner. Click the MEOW icon from the Multiverse shelf to open MEOW panel and it will show the content of the selected Compound.

Content navigation in MEOW can be done as usual in tree based system UI, in addition these following utilities:

  1. Expand All: Expands all hierarchy.
  2. Collapse All: Collapse all hierarchy to the root.
  3. Expand to Overrides: Only expand items that have overrides.

# Copy Full Paths

MEOW offers a utility command to copy full path(s) as strings and as Python strings. It supports single and multiple selections too. This utility is very useful for debugging and development purposes.

# Info Popup Window

MEOW has the ability to show selected item detail information by selecting an item and MMB click.

For in depth guide of using MEOW, we have covered them in these sections:

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