# MEOW: Material Overrides


With the word "materials" we actually refer to Maya shading groups (shadingEngine nodes), special type of Maya nodes that collect both the surface shader and displacement shader information.

To assign a material in MEOW, select one or more items, then from the material context menu via RMB click select Assign: MEOW will list new and existing materials available for assignment.

3Delight NSI Materials

Arnold Materials


If the your rendering plugin for Maya is not loaded, then MEOW won’t allow show the renderer relative materials until the plugins are loaded.

We can assign both new materials and existing materials from the list of assignments. If there are supported materials in the scene it will list the existing shading groups in the Existing menu item in each renderer section.

Existing materials list

# Material Information

Hovering the mouse pointer (no click) on a material icon will show the material shading group name:

Material shading group info

When reading an USD file that was written with material assignment, MEOW will show that a material is assigned with a gray colored icon.

Override Materials

If we want to edit the assigned material properties we can use Inspect Material from popup menu when active and it will show Maya’s attribute editor for that particular material.

Inspecting Material

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# Material Assignment Rules

Here are the default material assignment rules in MEOW :

  • If there are no material assignments at all in MEOW, the material assigned to the mvUsdCompoundShape will be used when rendering.
  • If an item has no material assignments in MEOW: you can assign a new or an existing material.
  • If there’s already a material assigned, whether written in the USD asset (gray icon) or in MEOW (green icon), you can always override it by assigning an existing or a new material.
  • Children inherit material assignment from their parents.

# Material Assignment Order

When assigning materials, please note that there are order of importance of which materials will take precedence over another.

Material order

  1. The material assigned directly to the mvUsdCompoundShape is the material used for items which have no overrides. By default when creating a new Compound this is lambert1, but you can assign any other material to the shape node.
  2. If there is a material assigned on the root item in MEOW, then it will override material assignment from 1. All children of root will inherit this material if not overridden below.
  3. If an item specifies a material assignment (gray icon), then it will take precedence over 2 (and all children will inherit if not overridden below).
  4. If an item specifies a material override (green icon) it will take precedence over number 3. You can set a material override (green icon) on a location with a material assignment (gray icon).

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# Removing Materials

Select items and then click Remove from MEOW popup menu.

Removing materials

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